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Data Engineer


Awesense Some
Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
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You will be part of a multi-disciplinary services team responsible in part for designing and building algorithms to processes very large data sets for the purpose of providing historic power consumption estimations allowing our customers to have better insight with respect to how the grid is managed. You will make practical use of skills developed in courses covering data structures and algorithms, database design, statistics and discrete mathematics to help our data science team with the data processing, analytics and visualizations.  

Key Responsibilities in Order of Priority

  • Project driven manual processing and analysis of customer data
  • Test and verification of preexisting data processing functionality (unit testing)
  • Generation of test datasets
  • Development of distributed and scalable data processing applications and algorithms
  • Research, architecture and testing of proof of concept data processing systems
  • Research and development of scalable data mining algorithms, leveraging advances in Machine Learning

Required Qualifications

  • Recent Bachelors, Masters or PhD of Computer Science graduate. The following courses must be completed with a minium B grade achieved: Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Design, Statistics and Discrete Mathematics
  • Beginner to intermediate level of one of the following programming languages: Scala, Java, Python
  • Academic or personal projects which demonstrate interest in data science

Optional Experience and/or knowledge

  • Coop term in data science related field
  • SQL
  • Apache foundation Big Data technologies (Spark, MapReduce, HDFS etc.)
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining algorithms
  • GIS and graph data analysis
  • Octave or Matlab


  • Quick learner, who is able to research and make progress independently with minimum supervision
  • Good judgment
  • Curiosity

Seniority Level

Entry level


  • Computer Software
  • Utilities
  • Wireless

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Science
  • Analyst
  • Engineering