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Java Team Leader


Headquarters: Asia
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In a very short period of time, the currency has become the world's first trading platform for cryptocurrency.
Coin is one of the most influential companies in the blockchain industry, are you eager to be one of them and can invest in it?
In the revolution of the world's cryptocurrency?

Job responsibilities:
Responsible for the design, development and implementation of the company's new product business system
Integrate business requirements to achieve a secure, stable, high-performance business system;
Responsible for technology stack selection, architecture optimization and adjustment.
Responsible for the day-to-day management of technical teams, including process design, code review, test quality assurance, team training, etc.
Participate in the decision-making of major technology projects and is directly responsible for the quality of the project;
Work requirements:
Bachelor degree or above in computer related major, 5 years working experience, more than 2 years working experience in Internet companies;
Solid computer foundation and strong independent problem solving ability;
Have experience in team management, excellent communication and coordination skills.
Familiar with java related technology stack, spring boot, spring cloud micro service architecture is preferred.
Experience in database tuning, jvm performance tuning experience is preferred;

What we can offer:

・ All aspects of migration support
・ Rich salary
・ Free working environment
・ Flat management system
・ Convenient work location and a group of internationally competent colleagues
・ Become a member of the cryptocurrency revolution that can change the future and work in the world's first cryptocurrency exchange