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Full Stack Engineer


Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
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CoinCircle is looking for genius software engineers, comfortable working in a highly collaborative fast-paced startup team environment, that are proudly cross-discipline full-stack developers. You should either have direct experience in the blockchain space writing Dapps, or an extreme passion, interest, and experience learning about writing smart contracts and building next-generation blockchain architectures and new consensus mechanisms.

We are looking for highly diverse, cross-discipline and passionate engineering minds that are talented creative problem solvers; people that are just as passionate about software architecture design, as they are about designing new algorithms — that will get just as fired up about optimizing databases and building incredibly smooth user experiences for the front end. As a startup, we have the ability to be agile and pivot when we come across new information. Our engineers are the type of engineers which are usually working on several projects in order to constantly stay up to date with this fast moving FinTech 2.0 space. We spend a significant portion of our free time thinking about blockchain, crypto-economics and decentralizing everything; so you should too.

CoinCircle’s vision is to tokenize and decentralize the world. We are building solutions for key components to enable the future of a mature blockchain ecosystem – from enterprise tokenization to an integrated wallet and trading platform, to token transaction layers and enterprise APIs for both companies and consumers to quickly, easily and seamlessly interact with a blockchain. We are building infrastructure that will be necessary for the practical application of the inevitable decentralized future. This includes an end-to-end scalable platform, an exchange w/ an API and integrated wallet systems, all of which are at various phases of development. CoinCircle was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the beautiful high-tech and sunny startup scene of Santa Monica, California just a couple blocks from the beach (which is starting to become known as “Blockchain Beach”).

The perfect candidate will have real-world proven experience and knowledge with the following tech stacks across various projects:

  • HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Node
  • Express/React
  • Golang/Postgres
  • AWS (as many as possible, certification a huge plus)
  • Debugging Tools
  • Web3 & Solidity
  • C/C++
  • Web Assembly

The perfect candidate will have:

  • Heavy C.S. background (Relevant degree(s) in Computer Science or proven Engineering experience) and general love of programming
  • Experience and strong desire to work in a Scrum team environment
  • Passion for modular reusable software design and design patterns
  • Experience designing for scale, optimizing runtime, and efficient databases
  • Experience architecting and deploying stable and scalable REST APIs
  • Experience using browser APIs and optimizing front-end performance
  • Experience in a DevOps environment
  • Experience writing unit tests, end-to-end testing and continuous integration
  • Experience in deploying secure cloud software & network security
  • Experience developing on top of Ethereum designing and deploying fully audited and tested, stable smart contracts
  • Experience using various blockchain libraries, utilities, management tools, and blockchain testing tools
  • Huge passion for, or even better, direct experience, building and designing a next-generation blockchain or decentralized p2p network
  • Experience with the intricacies of the Bitcoin blockchain and various other blockchains; as well as Ethereum and Solidity in real-world production software is a huge plus.

If this sounds exciting, you believe you have what it takes and are up for the challenge to join a fast-paced and sometimes demanding startup environment where we’re redefining the future of transactions that will lead to the future of everything — then definitely apply now!

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