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Data Scientist


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
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Looking for an independent driven learner who can take on the challenges of the various stages of data science. You can take datasets in any format and have skills / tools in your pocket to make sense of the data. You have a natural curiosity to ask many “why”s and “what-if”s from the data to arrive at meaningful insights and hypotheses. 


  • Carry out data processing and analysis including statistical analysis, variable selection, dimensionality reduction
  • Design, evaluate, and monitor machine learning models and advanced algorithms that help the business to drive decisions in underwriting, credit, and collections
  • Analyze data to identify factors that are indicative of lending and supply chain risks
  • Develop explainable machine learning which describes in plain english the reasons for the output
  • Collaborate with business, product and engineering teams to generate internal and external reports and dashboards
  • Construct ETL processes to enable data analytics capabilities on our platform
  • Highlight and review data anomalies and quality issues


  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in data science, analytics, and machine learning
  • Ability to work with messy datasets
  • Independent
  • Keen eye for details and ability to question assumptions around data
  • Ability to develop production capable software
  • Analytical Bachelor degree required, Masters / PhD preferred 
  • San Francisco or Singapore locations only