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Security Blockchain Researcher


Headquarters: Waterloo, ON
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Huawei Canada’s rapid growth has created an excellent opportunity to build and grow your career and make a big impact to everyone’s life. This position embodies the core customer-centric culture of the Huawei Company, and takes the vision and responsibility to bring the most advanced security technologies to Huawei Blockchain service. You will have the opportunity to do the challenging and exciting security research and deploy your research to Huawei Blockchain service, which has a huge market share.


o Propose and research the most advanced cryptography or other security technologies.

o Develop prototypes of innovative security solutions for Huawei Blockchain service.

o Work closely with the product team to help them optimize your solution and integrate it into the product.

o Perform analysis, evaluations and investigations into new and emerging security trends and technologies for Blockchain.


o Master’s Degree or higher in Computer Science or Computer Engineering with cryptography or other security research background.

o 2-5 years of experience in software development in a Linux-based environment.

o Ability to prototype solutions using a variety of programming languages such as C/C++, python, bash, Go, Java, Rust.

o Good understanding and/or hands-on experience in at least one of the following crypto-related topics: zero-knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, functional encryption, threshold crypto, multi-party computation, pairing based crypto,

o Knowledge of Blockchain is considered an asset.

o Experience with cryptographic libraries (e.g. OpenSSL, GMP).

o Self-starter, produces good quality code with proper testing and documentation.

o Self-motivated researcher, proactively seeks for solutions of challenging problems.