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Spatial Data Scientist


Headquarters: St. Louis, MO
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At Monsanto,
you will have opportunity to work in a high-tech, high-energy environment for a
company that encourages innovation and collaboration at all levels. You will
engage with industry leading scientists on projects that will revolutionize
agriculture through the rapid development of next generation technologies.
Monsanto desires to hire and develop the best talent, imagine better solutions
and foster ground-breaking innovations to deliver strategic shifts in the way
we feed and sustain the world. Be part of the future of agriculture and
identify exciting ways to visualize data to drive actions and decisions that
have a global impact on product development and farmers around the world. You will collaborate closely with data scientists,
breeders, other spatial and environmental scientists and developers. You will
help build the next generation of phenomics using novel spatial solutions at

What you will be doing:
Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams from engineers to
breeders to data scientists to create holistic solutions.

Integrating large data layers from satellite imagery, UAVs, soil
sensors, weather sensors and public data to create new insights that drive

Deploying efficient data structures that you will benchmark on
speed, accuracy and robustness.

Turning new geospatial methodologies motivated by a large amount
of new and historic agriculture data into solutions to feed the world.

What we need from you:
Ph.D in Computer Science with experience in GIS or equivalent in mathematics.
Strong background in algorithm design and optimization for spatial analytics in AWS.
Strong experience in deep learning.
Ability and motivation to vision and drive projects across multiple groups.
Familiarity with open source GIS and web-mapping capabilities such as QGIS, AcrPy, Python.
Ability to work in a large team as well as independently.