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Software Architect


Riot Games
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
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  • 7+ years of relevant software development and system architecture experience
  • Understanding of the full life-cycle of a Gaming ecosystem: data centers, monitoring, distributed systems, data pipelines, and client. Additionally, you have a deep knowledge of at least one or more areas in that ecosystem
  • Capable of technical deep-dives into code, networking, operating systems, and storage yet verbally and cognitively agile enough to hold your own in a strategy discussion
  • Experience guiding a portfolio of products from conception to delivery
  • Deep experience in design and implementation of scalable systems/highly-scalable architectures
  • Excellent skills in identifying common patterns, trends, and themes in order to navigate to optimal solutions
You Are
  • Player-focused: you're a gamer whose passion for games (especially League of Legends) helps you stay focused on initiatives that make the difference to players in and out of the game
  • A threat to convention: bored by what's considered traditional, you constantly push past limits until the status is no longer quo; you don't "think outside the box" because, hey, there's no box
  • Focused on team: You help Rioters develop the tools and creative atmosphere to shine, but ultimately hold them accountable for making smart calls and delivering player value
  • Seriously playful: you work hard but always leave time for pentakills; whether you're grabbing a game of League in our onsite PC Bang or rapidly sharing cat GIFs, you make time for daily play in all of its wonderful forms
  • Humbitious: you're ambitious but humble, a state of being summed up by fans of portmanteau as "humbitious;" always striving for continuous improvement, you never forgo rounds of feedback from teammates, players, and partners who keep you from drifting off into space
You Will
  • Drive innovation into current, and adjoining, product landscape to deliver new features and services to players
  • Work with a high-level view of the entire technical organization and spot problem spaces a mile away
  • Identify cross-team dependencies, and work to gain alignment with engineers across disparate product groups
  • Manage internal customer (i.e. - R&D Game teams) expectations in the face of conflicting priorities (dealing with ambiguity)
  • Chart the course of our multi-game ecosystem, develop technical strategy
Don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.