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Head of IT


Headquarters: New York, NY
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About UiPath
What if you could shape the future of work and be part of the team that creates the digital workforce of tomorrow?
At the beginning of the 20th century, Henry Ford had a vision of creating assembly lines and facilitating mass production.
100 years later, UiPath has a grand vision of liberating the human workforce from tedious, boring, repetitive tasks, by means of software robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Your responsibilities:
Manage our accelerated growth with hundreds of people joining and new offices opening each month
Overall responsibility for delivering a robust, scalable IT infrastructure
Manage our global internal helpdesk team
Overall responsibility for Disaster Recovery and IT security and GDPR
Oversee all the technology operations (e.g. network security) and evaluate them according to established goals
Analyze the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs
Establish IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies
Coordinate IT managers and supervise computer scientists, technicians and other professionals
Control budget and report on expenditure
Assist in building relationships with vendors and creating cost-efficient contracts
A forward-looking strategy focused more on cloud infrastructure than on-premise to support our Future of Work manifesto

Some things you need to have
Proven experience as IT director or similar role, with a demonstrated track records of growth.
Proven experience with Deployment, administration, and maintenance of Microsoft Active Directory, Windows Server, Mac Support. Linux and VMWare administration
Experience in administrating (MySQL, PostgreSQL) is a plus.
Experience in maintaining and customizing the Atlassian suite of products such as Jira and Confluence is a plus
Experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications
Experience in controlling information technology budget
Excellent organizational and leadership skills
BSc/BA in computer science, engineering or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus
A positive, hands-on/can-do attitude that’s typical of successful start-up employees. Prior start-up experience is a big plus.
Some things we offer to you
We are offering flexible working hours in a nice office and free daily premium catering. Competitive salary, stock options, medical insurance and other benefits for top performers. Competitive salary, stock options, medical insurance and other benefits for top performers.
This is a full-time position in New York City.
The Future of Work at UiPath
Since the beginning of the company, we embraced the cloud even with the most important assets like the source code, our intellectual property. That’s why we don’t invest in hardware and local infrastructure, we use it as a service.
Two-factor authentication should be enabled to ensure security when working online. Anything stored locally should be treated as disposable. Make sure the truth stays secure in the cloud.
We prefer asynchronous communication to try to be respectful of other people's time and reduce noise. Let’s keep emails to a minimum, especially for internal communication.
is better than private.
Everything we do should be done with quality in mind. It’s better not to do something than deliver poor quality.
Management attitude should be geared towards trust, not control. The procedure and practices that need to be introduced should help people, not hinder their work.
We’re in the business of digital workforce, so we understand the challenge of working with paper and scans. That’s why we should embrace digital signing and online documents, we should say NO to bureaucracy and dated technology.