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Sr. Controls Engineer


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
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Company Profile - Vaultbank is a global investment firm, committed to sound financial investment and technological advancement based on blockchain technology. Vaultbank intends to create a unified security token platform which providers trading and custodial services to institutional and retail investors for regulated security tokens.  Our payment and banking relationships link our platform and e-wallets to the traditional banking space and fiat conversion, allowing customers around the world to transact with each other, facilitating the payment of merchants with digital assets.

Website -

Position - Blockchain Engineer (Full Time)

Location - San Francisco, California

Responsibilities ( Experience 3-8 years)

  1. Design and develop multisignature cryptocurrency wallets

  2. Design and develop Ethereum smart contracts

  3. Design and develop typescript/nodejs based microservices to interact with various blockchains

  4. Code refactoring of existing wallet libraries

  5. Develop blockchain explorer services.

Skills Required

  1. Hands on experience with Smart Contract development on Ethereum and other blockchains

  2. Knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general

  3. Familiarity with consensus algorithms such as PoW, PoS, FBA

  4. Knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges, trading and payment systems

  5. Knowledge of Stellar and Ripple like blockchains

  6. Previous development experience with nodejs/typescript

  7. Good to have understanding of private key management and HSMs

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