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3D Computer Vision & Deep Learning Researcher


Westbourne Partners
Headquarters: Mountain View
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My client is currently looking to hire exceptional 3D computer vision and deep learning researchers, to join their high calibre Bay Area team. Here you will be afforded the opportunity to work on novel computer vision technologies that will be used by millions of people.


The successful hire will a join a team of Computer Vision/Robotics/EE PhDs, with Oculus, Intel, Google, IBM, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UPenn, University of Washington and ETH Zurich backgrounds, who have experience designing award winning and novel technologies. Furthermore, my client’s founder and CEO has founded, scaled and led a number of companies through IPOs. Needless to say, this is an exceptional opportunity to join a stealth-mode start-up, with big plans for the future. Whilst I have to respect my client’s requested confidentiality in the public domain, I am able to go into full specific detail directly with applicants. Hence the description within may seem a little light…


The successful candidate will have a PhD in a subject with a heavy emphasis on computer vision and or deep learning, from a top-tier university. You are innovative, entrepreneurial with extensive experience across both deep learning (CNNs/RNNs/GANs) and 3D computer vision (structure from motion/SLAM/ 3D/RGB-D/multi-view geometry etc.). Bonus points for additional experience across 3D point cloud, optical flow estimation, stereo, feature detection, semantic segmentation, attention models, 4D video or reinforcement learning. You have an impressive publication record, with acceptance at top-tier conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NIPS, ICML etc.).    


My client is able to offer very competitive compensation packages (including a substantial stock package), the opportunity to publish novel and influential research and attend academic conferences. Moreover, this is an exceptional opportunity to join an early-stage start-up, led by a CEO who has taken their previous ventures through IPOs.